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  Low - level laser therapy is a high-tech way to help eliminate the physical cravings of nicotine-related addiction without adding additional nicotine and chemicals to the body.

      How long have you been in business?  The Anne Penman Laser Therapy Program was created in 1992.  Our Las Vegas center has been open since May 2005. We are the only  Stop Smoking Laser method in Nevada with a seventeen-year history of successfully helping smokers kick the habit.  We have locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore and even Istanbul, Turkey and throughout the world.       Locations       All technicians are trained and certified by Anne Penman.

     How can Laser Therapy help me stop smoking?  Our Laser treatment is a pain free, non-invasive low level laser beam applied  to specific acupressure points of the body associated with nicotine addiction. It is non-invasive and pain free.  This stimulates and helps release endorphins, the body's natural chemical which help relieve nicotine cravings. It also helps for weight control when we apply additional Laser points associated with weight loss.   

     Is the Laser Therapy safe?  Yes. The FDA has Ruled that Low -Level Laser therapy is safe and a "non-significant risk". 

      Please watch this Anne Penman video to learn more about your opportunity to stop smoking once and for all.

     Where is the laser applied?  The laser is used on points on your hands, face, and ears that are related to nicotine addiction, Stress and Weight Control. Both sides of the body are treated.

     Are there any side effects?  Our treatment is completely safe. We use a non-invasive class lllB Laser that is recognized by the FDA as a "non-significant risk device". There are no adverse side effects. Most clients feel very relaxed during and after the treatment. Pregnant women are not candidates for laser therapy.

     Will I put on weight if I stop smoking?  If you are concerned about gaining weight we will apply the laser to the appetite suppression points so you won't "eat the furniture", at no extra charge.

     I have been smoking for 10 - 30 - 50 years. Will this work for me?  Yes it can work for you.  It does not matter how long you have smoked or how many cigarettes you smoke per day. Our program can help but remember that  the most important thing is your commitment to quit. Our program is a partnership between you the client, our laser, guidance/advice and our support.

     Drinking really triggers my smoking. Will I still be able to have a drink?
Yes, but a little common sense here.  You may want to avoid situations that trigger habits for a little while. However, after the detoxification process is over, ease back into your normal routine.

     How should I prepare for the appointment?
We recommend that you clean out your car and home. Throw away ash trays, lighters and  all of your cigarettes. You may have your last cigarette here.  The most important thing is to have a positive attitude about the benefits of quitting. Our staff will give you full service and attention as you become a non-smoker and extend your life.

     Can I bring my children?
We do not recommend you bring your children because they will not be allowed in the treatment room and we do not have proper facilities to care for them.  This is your time to relax and focus on the program.

     I would like to give Laser Therapy to my friend/family member in a gift voucher, is that a good idea?
Yes, but allow them to make their own appointment and arrange the best time for them to Quit Smoking.

     Got more questions or want more information?  Give us a call (702-688-9406) or email at  We will get back to you the same day.

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