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Weight Control Las Vegas

To Be Successful:

  • Do NOT skip meals
  • Do NOT eat after 7 p.m.
  • Drink LOTS of Water
  • Set Goals
  • Be Determined
  • Believe in Yourself

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Take control of you health
Take control of your health with weight loss program

Your Journey To Weight Loss Success Has Begun   Open 7 days a Week  702-688-9406

Anne Penman Laser Weight Loss Las VegasCompare Jenny craig and nutrisystem Weight Loss Programs to Anne Penman Weight loss Las Vegas.Anne Penman Weight Loss Center is Open 7 Days a Week in Las Vegas Nevada

Why choose Anne Penman Las Vegas Weight Control Program?
"It Works!  I lost 28 pounds " Sheldon S.- Las Vegas June, 2016
You won't have to starve yourself to lose weight !





The Anne Penman Weight Loss Program does work. Lose weight without giving up all the foods you love. 
Let the Laser help you get a head start on
Realistic Weight Loss by increasing your metabolism and reducing your appetite and reshape your body and your life for a New You!  

 Anne Penman offers Reiki Healing/Teaching and Classes in Las Vegas                      Laser Weight Loss Program Las Vegas Nevada. 702-682-8135  

Laser Treatments are safe,  non-invasive,  painless, drug-free and relaxing.

The Anne Penman Laser Weight Loss Center in Las Vegas helps to increase metabolism and reduce your appetite. It also increases endorphins levels to help relieve the stress from dieting. We also offer food and fittness plans as well and 24/7 support and guidance.  We also will show you how to make simple lifestyle changes that can improve your health and reduce your waste line.

The Anne Penman Weight Loss Program combines:

  • Laser Therapy
  • Guidance
  • Continual Support and Motivation

The first step in the program is your own desire to lose weight, then we can help set realistic weight loss targets.
We provide psychological and nutritional support to further your success.

About Anne Penman Laser Therapy

Anne Penman laser therapy treatment to lose weight is safe, non-invasive, drug free and painless.  It involves the application of a cold, soft laser beam that targets specific energy points located on the hands, ears, nose, wrists, arms, legs and feet.  This will help stimulate the release of endorphins, our own natural body chemical, which helps with the relief of pain and stress.

The laser treatment will put you back in control, help suppress your appetite, help you deal with food cravings, and help make you less obsessed with food.  We will help you set realistic goals and plan for your new lifestyle.  Laser treatment can help reduce cravings, stress and help restore balance.

Our Weight Loss Program includes:

 1. Weekly Laser Treatments - The application of laser therapy treatment will help stimulate the release of endorphins, our natural body chemical, which helps with the relief of pain and stress. The laser acts as an appetite suppressant and will help to reduce cravings, hunger and stress.  Weekly Laser Treatments along with our nutritional guidance, motivational support and maintenance are all included in our weight loss program which is customized to fit your individuals needs.  Each session is one hour long and are performed on a weekly basis at our Las Vegas Center .

2. Nutritional Guidance - The Anne Penman Las Vegas Weight Loss Program is designed to help reduce your food intake. It is personalized for you and will provide a wide variety of carefully selected nutritional foods. This program will give you increased energy and your appetite will be naturally suppressed. You won't have to give up all the foods that you love either. We will help you limit cholesterol, sodium, added sugars and saturated fats Lose Weight, but not the Taste.  We will show you how to eat real food that tastes greatNot highly - processed, expensive food in a box.
3. Support and Motivation - Our Las Vegas Weight Loss Program is designed for realistic weight loss that will stay off and to help you deal with the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of changing your lifestyle. You learn to identify the dynamics of weight control in everyday situations. You will also learn to take back control and Eileen will be there for you to provide support and encouragement on an ongoing basis.

                                                                                                                 The program benefits include:

  • On average, lose 3 - 8 lbs a week
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Fast, Effective and Convenient
  • Individually Designed
  • Fun and Flexible
  • No Point Counting
  • How to reduce carbs "and still enjoy meals"
  • Comprehensive and Affordable
  • You will feel in control and energized

Lose Weight with Laser Treatments Las Vegas

Look Better - Live better - Feel Better

Now you can gain control of your appetite without going hungry or enduring stressful cravings!  The Las Vegas Anne Penman Laser Therapy Weight Management Program is customized especially for you, to meet your specific needs and goals for a healthier, happier life!

Anne Penman Weight Loss Las Vegas featured in Woman Magazine.


By:  Marie Sepulveda

  Let's be honest, I truly did not believe that laser therapy would help me lose weight. But I had a friend who had successfully stopped smoking with laser therapy, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it for the 10 pounds I had been not able to lose.

  I had changed my eating habits six months earlier to a healthier regimen, but I had not lost even one single pound.  All my exertion was centered on my hands; lifting a fork or spoon, cutting with a knife, and tippling glasses filled with wine every evening.

  In February, I went to Anne Penman Laser Therapy in Las Vegas, NV and met with Eileen.  Eileen sat with me and thoroughly explained the laser process, nutritional information and forms to track my weight.

  My first one hour  treatment was that day. Eileen weighed me and in and then we went to the treatment room.  Both she and I wore special glasses and I settled back into a comfortable lounge chair.  She applied the low-level laser to my pressure points, and I may well have fallen asleep.

  I lost three pounds almost immediately - but that was it.  After my two other treatments, Amy weighed me in and I was actually a pound heavier than when I had first come in, but I had lost a couple of inches around the middle.  My pant waists were no longer uncomfortable.  I was disappointed but did not feel hopeless.

  Within about a week, two strange things happened to me.  The first was I started walking on my treadmill.  What was up with that?  I hadn't exercised in two years.  Then the big one hit:  I stopped drinking my wine at night, which I had done for the past 10 years.  Although on a social level, I still would have a couple of glasses of wine, but that was all.

  Eight weeks later, I stopped by to see Amy and Eileen.  I wanted to show off my new body.  I had lost 18 pounds and a number of inches around my mid-section and hips.

  Eileen explained to me that everyone reacts differently to the laser treatment.  "One woman who comes in has lost 22 pounds, and she doesn't exercise at all.  Everyone has their own individual experiences," explained Eileen.

  So, now six months after my last treatment, I'm in control of my life.  Had someone told me this, I never would have believed it - and I did it without filling out one tracking form.


Our Health and Weight Loss News letter for the month:  

"This is your body on SODA"

The effects of soda consumption are dramatic and speedy.  Minutes after you take the first swig, the spike begins and your body goes into a sugar-induced upward and downward spiral.  Here's what happens.

10 Minutes ... A 12-ounce delivers about 10 teaspoons of sugar.  More than the American Heart Association's daily recommendation of 6 tsp. per day for women, 9 tsp. for men.  Normally you'd gag on such intense sweetness, but phosphoric acid mellows the sugary flavor.

20 Minutes ... Here comes the blood-sugar spike.  Your liver reacts quickly to the glucose in your bloodstream, storing as much as it can, but it's soon at capacity and most of the sugar is converted into fat.  (And ther's practically no limit to how much fat your body can store.)

30 Minutes ... Caffeine's effects are under way:  Your pupils dilate.  Heart and respiratory rates increase.  Your blood pressure rises, causing your liver to release even more sugar into the bloodstream.  If you've tired, you won't feel it:  Caffeine blocks the brain's adenosine receptors.

40 Minutes ... Dopamine levels rise abnormally, turning on the pleasure centers in your brain and creating a revved-up "high" similar to the one produced by amphetamines, cocaine and heroin.

50 Minutes ...The diuretic properties of caffeine make you pee.  And because the phosphoric acid in soda binds to calcium, magnesium and zinc in your body, you'll soon be flushing those vital nutrients down the toilet.

60 Minutes ... A sugar crash hits you---hard. You're left feeling cranky, sluggish, thirsty and ready for another soda, especially if it's diet.  The artificial sweeteners used in diet soft drinks also affect the addiction centers in the brain, keeping you coming back for more. 

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The Anne Penman Weight Loss Center in Las Vegas has a different approach than Nurisystem, LA Weight Loss or the Jenny Craig Weight Loss program in Las Vegas.  Our Laser Therapy for Weight loss combined with our hands on approach can help you achieve your goals.

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