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            Anne Penman Laser Treatment for Smoking Cessation Las Vegas Nevada.

10 reasons to Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking Lungs Las Vegas

1. Lung Cancer
2. Heart Attack
3. Stroke
4. Emphysema & Bronchitis
5. Cancer of the Throat
6. Infertility, Impotence & Pregnancy Issues
7. Premature Ageing
8. Amputations due to Peripheral Vascular Disease
9. Financial Cost
10.Bad Breath, Stained Fingers    & Teeth

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" Vaping bothers my asthma as well. People say it is "better" than smoking but... nope "

Is smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes less hazardous than smoking cigarettes? 

  NO!  E-Cigarettes affect lungs in a similar way as tobacco.

 Our Quit Smoking Laser Treatment program in Las Vegas is also suitable for cigar smokers and chewers/dippers.

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Laser Treatment to Quit Smoking Las Vegas

Anne Penman and Eileen in Glasgow Scotland

Anne Penman Laser Therapy Stop Smoking video



Anne Penman Laser Therapy to Stop Smoking Training video


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