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These are Real Testimonials from our clients



        Bren and Kathleen  Jan. 15, 2018   Hi Eileen, kid you not, I thought of you this morning and told myself I should get in touch with you and tell you how well Brenn is doing !!! He is going to a Nutritional Therapist and feeling so good. Our daughter toasted him on Thanksgiving with a tearful toast on how he is her Hero, for quitting smoking. She never thought she would see this day.  We were so moved.  This is all because of YOU !!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
       Update:   Just wanted to update you on Brenn. He had a follow up CT scan, and the Doctor's office called with the results, and told Brenn his nodules are almost gone!!!! The best Christmas present I have ever had! Gold or diamonds cannot replace one's health and longevity!! I truly believe God guided us to you!  Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 

       Woo Hoo!!!!  That is absolutely fabulous news and couldn't happen to two nicer peopleBlessings and light. Keep me posted. I love good news:)

Merry Christmas and a very healthy and happy New Year ahead for you and your family. Eileen

        Gary H.  Dec. 15, 2015   Two months and smoke free and loving it. I feel so much better and can actually breath so much better. Thank you 

        Kristi T.  Dec. 15, 2015   I am doing great..I wish I would have known about you years ago..one of my hair customers I referred said he was there last week said it had been 4 days since he last smoked his name is Eduardo do you remember him? I tell everyone about this its like I never smoked .thank you    Wonderful  Kristi !   Eileen

        Kelly A.   Dec. 15,  2015    Hi Eileen,I was just going through my old emails and noticed I never responded. I'm so sorry!

 I am still smoke free so yay!  Thank you!    Awesome👍. Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year ahead! Eileen

       Brianna M.  December 8, 2013  I thought about texting or calling you quite a few times.  I was having a rough time last week.  I was at my in laws for the holidays as well as a 6 hour drive both ways. I don't think I was stressed, just couldn't stop thinking about it.  I am very open with the people around me about it and I have a really good support system. I am happy to say that on Dec 12 I will have 2 months :) so please add me to your successes!!!!!   And yes I am still noticing changes.... Thank you for checking up on me.

       Scott L. December 6, 2013   Eileen,  I'm doing very well and have not smoked a cigarette since the last one outside of your house.  I feel that I can breathe and smell considerably better.  I even went to a smoky bar with friends and had to change my clothes due to the smoke smell. Thanks, Scott

       Philip L. November 22, 2013     Eileen. I wanted to let you know that today marks the one year anniversary of being 100% totally smoke free. I can't believe that it's been a year already. My life has totally changed for the better and I could not have done it without your help and therapy program. Your amazing. I recently spoke with Cindy. Her weight loss is still going well. And a few days ago marked the 1 month for my brother Scott who came to see you he still remains smoke free which I'm really shocked as I know how much he liked to smoke.  In conclusion Thank you so much.  I will continue to send you people your way.  Hoping that you are well.  Happy Thanksgiving. Phil and Mike.

       Jackie B.  August 13, 2013   Hi Eileen, nice to hear from you.  Pleased to report that I am still smoke free, although there are moments when I think, "I'll finish what I am doing here and go have a smokie", and then I go "oh wait, you don't do that anymore".  It sounds funny when I read it, but it's highly annoying...lol.   Some personal statistics from an app I downloaded for when I need positive affirmation....  Smoke free for 1 month and 29 days.....1,474 cigarettes that have NOT been smoked......14 days, 7 hours how much life I have gained so far.....$394 saved on cigarettes.  Thanks for the reminder on the remaining treatment.  I've been keeping it in my back pocket for "when I really need it".  I'm going back to work at Toll Brothers (where I got laid off from almost 5 years ago), we'll see how it goes, you may hear from me sooner than later :)

Thank you so much for checking in with me.  I've given your name and number to a few people, but until they are ready.... :)  Take care, and drop me a note anytime.  I'll keep you updated as well.  Jackie

       Corey L. August 13, 2013   I Hello Eileen! I am doing fantastic! All thanks to your program and cinnamon candies. LoL. I have been a "non-smoker" as a result of your help...THANK YOU! Take care!  Corey

       Brittany B. March 6, 2013   I have been telling everyone and anyone that will listen about your services! I have to honestly say I didn't really believe it would work and we giggled about it a little when we left the office. But I have not had a single craving or withdrawal or mood swing! It has been 11 weeks and 3 days and I have not smoked! This treatment really is spectacular. Thank you so much, I don't really think I could say that enough and I know my family and my fiancé thank you, too. Thank you! - Thanks Brittany

       Justin M. Sept. 6, 2012   Thank you for checking in.  I have been doing great actually.  I would be lying if I said didn't have occasional cravings but they are more memories of how things used to be then desires for how I want things to be.  I have not had a single thought about starting again, so I would say it has been quite effective,  I am looking forward to the fourth month as that will be my longest stint ever!  Thanks again

       Kathy L. August 30, 2012    Hi, Eileen I think of  you often because I haven't had a cigarette since my treatment in June.  About two and a half months.  Thank you so much.  I don't think I need the third treatment but will keep it in the back of my mind.  FYI, I gave your name to my friend Rick P. and he will be calling you to help him too.  Thanks again, Kathy

       Erin V. May 09, 2012   Aloha Eileen, So, I'm happy to report that I AM still smoke free and LOVING it... Everything tastes and smells sooo much better than it used to. :)  Thank you so much for providing this service! :)  Like I mentioned before doing the treatment, I am back in Hawaii.  I've had sooo many friends and family members ask about the treatment ... So much so, that a family friend, would like for me to get info from you on how she would be able to open one HERE...  Also, my mom, sister, and sister-in-law, will be flying back to Vegas after the sale of our home goes through.  The purpose of their trip is to go to see you...  So I will contact you as that time nears to schedule their appointments. Thank you so much for all of the lives you've helped save, including mine :)

       Lynda "Missy"  March 09, 2012   It's like Magic - It is amazing that I am almost 2 months smoke free!  I did the 1st treatment 1-12-2012  I have had no issues - not one puff - since.  I went the next day for my 2nd and have been smoke free.  I feel amazing.  My skin - my complexion - people say how pretty I look - bumps on my face - gone.  I have great color in my face.  I have maintained my weight.  I love it!!  Thanks so much!!!

       Lidia A. M.  November 20, 2011  Greetings to you guys!!!! Hi Eileen....I will for EVER remember you because you helped me quit smoking!!!  I did your treatment (still have my 3rd session)  and I am happy to say that this past August 15, 2011 it  made it 3 YEARS since I've last smoked...and EVERYBODY I know that wants to quit asks me about how I did it and I tell them that when they're ready I will send them to you.  THANK YOU EILEEN

       June M. November 7, 2011  (Stress and Anxiety Laser Treatments)  As I am dealing with as long-term anxiety issue, I heard about and came to see Eileen.  I was hoping for a total cure or at least favorable positive results.  After six treatments, I was amazed at how much more calm I felt.  Because of a time constraint, I was unable to take additional treatments.  However, if possible I intend to continue treatments next spring. Eileen is personable, knowledgeable and competent.  I appreciate her dedication to improving my condition.  "It was great to have June tell me she is now sleeping through the night, something she hadn't experienced in many years"

       Wendy T. July  2011  (Reiki Treatment  and Chakra Balance)  I had an awesome session.  It took me awhile to get all the chatter out of my mind but then it was so relaxing.  I can feel the tension in my body just melt away.   Afterwards, I feel so peaceful.  Thank you

       Louis M. July,  2011  What a fabulous experience!  Eileen is one of the most positive, caring people I have ever met.  From day one, she encouraged me.  I would highly recommend her to anyone I meet.  Thank you Eileen for all your support. (Thanks Louis.  Our 24/7 day a week support is part of our service.  Your success is our success.)

       Brittany B.  April,  2011  I have been telling everyone and anyone that will listen about your services! I have to honestly say I didn't really believe it would work and we giggled about it a little when we left the office. But I have not had a single craving or withdrawal or mood swing! It has been 11 weeks and 3 days and I have not smoked! This treatment really is spectacular. Thank you so much, I don't really think I could say that enough and I know my family and my fiancé thank you, too.   Thank you(Thanks Brittany)

       Jan C.  March,  2011  On November 16, 2010 I had my first laser therapy treatment to stop smoking.  I was always very sick, lung infections month after month.  I used a nebulizer daily, used a couple of inhalers a month.  Sometimes I just couldn't get out of bed.  My blood pressure was out of control.  I tried everything to quit, nothing worked until I came to Eileen.  Now three and a half months I'm smoke free.  I no longer use a nebulizer.  I've only ordered one inhale this year.  I know longer take medication for high blood pressure.  My health has improved so much everyone that knows me is in awe at the difference.  My own daughter is so impressed with the difference that I am happy to say I'm driving her today for her final laser detox treatment.  She too is now a non smoker.  I believe if this was the most common approach to quitting smoking there would be more success stories out there.  Thank you Eileen, Jan   (Thanks Jan)

       Eddie B   February,  2011  Going to this Laser Therapy was a pleasant experience.  I was impressed with the environment.  It was very relaxing and comfortable.  I went to another laser treatment center a few years ago, so I can make a comparison between the two, there really is none.  This one was much better.  Eileen is really outstanding at what she does.  She is very professional and knowledgeable.  When you ask her a question about what she is doing, she explains everything in detail.  She is very thorough at what she does.  If I ever to return there, I would have no hesitation whatsoever.  I would feel comfortable referring this treatment to others.  I am truly satisfied with what I got for my investment.  Money will spent!

       Dan and Francis L. December 2010  Very nice to hear from you.  I want you to know that I am doing VERY WELL.  No more smoking and very little coughing.  I do want to get the last treatment, however, currently the skin doctor is working on my nose for some skin cancer and I should wait till she is done. 
I will keep your email and be in touch.  We want to wish you both a very Happy Holiday Season! 
Thank you again for everything.

       Brian L. December 2010  Thank you So Much Eileen, it is nice hearing from you!  I am doing very well and am in Texas on my next project.  I plan on returning to Vegas to see friends so I'll plan to come in for my last treatment.  I have no cravings whatsoever and am so lucky that I found you and your services.  Thank you again.......for everything......and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy & Prosperous New Year!  Best Regards 

       Diane G. August 2010  I am 39 years old and have stage 4 breast cancer.  I've been getting radiation an/or chemotherapy treatments for the last two and one-half years.  I started getting Reiki from Eileen about a year ago and it has made a huge difference in my progress.  Not only has Reiki improved my mental attitude, but I have had some pretty amazing results with my cancer battle.  I would highly recommend Reiki treatment for anyone looking for a way to relax, improve mental and spiritual clarity, or just have a more peaceful life overall.

       Melinda M. July 2010  Hi Eileen: I wanted to let you know that I am still going strong as a non smoker for a little over three months now!! I feel great, and I think of it as a great accomplishment for making it this long!  I want to thank you so much for making all this possible...there is NO way I would have been able to do this without your service. I might end up using my additional treatment sometime in the near future. I will call if it is needed. Thank you so much again!!  Sincerely, Melinda

       Marcia N. July 2010  Hi Eileen, Just wanted to let you know that I'm celebrating my one-year anniversary of being smoke free today.  I have you to thank for this--it's been hard, but I'm very proud of myself and I  definitely feel much better.  We have a (first ) grand daughter in Denver and I want to be around for a while to enjoy her!  I have lots of support from my hubby, family and friends.  Definitely feel like a "non-smoker" now and I get a great sense of joy when asked at the Dr. office if I smoke and I can now say "NO" ! Thanks again,  Marcia

       Cynthia E. January 2010  Reiki II Class was even more amazing than I ever imagined.  Eileen is very thorough and makes for a very lovely day.  The energy flows stronger than before.  I am looking forward to flowing in my Reiki journey.  Eileen and Sheldon are such warm, wonderful people!!

       Eydie. October 14, 2009  I have been so busy that I completely forgot to send a thank you.  I remain smoke free and am loving life without my former addiction.. My desire to quit smoking was very strong and the laser treatment helped me be successful. Thank you

Danford W.F. August 26, 2009  As a two pack a day smoker for over 43 years, I was skeptical this could work.  I suffered very little anxiety and did not over compensate by overeating or some other replacement.  I would highly recommend that this should be a covered insurance expense for any wellness program.  It is far superior as to any pills, gum or other such treatment.

      Cynthia E. August 19, 2009  What a wonderful, thorough Reiki 1 Class!!   Eileen does a fantastic job teaching and demonstrating.  While she was attuning me, my body felt light as air.  The whole day of class was filled with calm, loving energy.  Thank you so much Ei!!

      Addrienne June 1, 2009  Hello Eileen-I want to thank you so much for changing my life!!  I have been smoke free since March 20th and it's been wonderful!!!! Thank you!!!

      Ron & Yvonne  May 16, 2009  Everything is fine.  We are still smoke free and loving it.  We are really thankful for your treatments to help us quit smoking.  Thank you so much.

      Mary Ann W.  March1, 2009  Eileen - Before my program, my energy level was about level 1, my cravings (peanut butter cups) level 9. As my program progressed, my levels - energy went to level 9, cravings to 1/2.  I also lost weight, at least 7 to 10 pounds.  I also had a Reiki Treatment and felt much better. I feel that the two sessions a week are very beneficial.

      Tamara & Scott F.  February 19, 2009  Eileen, Scott is doing absolutely fantastic! He has made us all so proud. Words can't express the gratitude for the service you have that has helped him and so many others. We are thankful that you provide such a trustworthy business that has given him the freedom to be himself and even an inspiration to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you don't mind, I've included his mom in this email because she has said from day one how grateful she is for him being able to conquer such an obstacle. 
Also, I've included our pre-wedding website. Please at any convenience of yours, sign our guestbook to say hi! :)                                                                    Thank you again for being so supportive and positive!

      Bob B. December 9, 2008   It has been 2 months for me and I feel much better.  I Would not have been able to quit smoking without your help and support. I will tell anyone that wants to quit to come and see you.

      Jeff L. November 12, 2008 - Weight Client.  Hi Eileen, Just wanted to say thank you! Still no soda since the first day I had a Laser Treatment. I had a great run in NYC for the Marathon. Looking forward to a healthy 2009. Lost 9.3 pounds in 4 weeks.

      Shannon Y. August 27,2008  Eileen, how do I put this in words to say Thank You!  You are such a special person who has been given the gift to help others.  You are honest in word and deed and such a sincere and compassionate woman.  It amazes me how focused you are on your own strengths and energies.  You deserve a life filled with love and whatever roads you travel will be the roads you want them to be.  Oh, back to the quitting smoking, no words can express my thanks.

       Lisa L.  May 29, 2008   With sincere gratitude to Eileen and Anne Penman Laser Therapy, I am a non-smoker!  My experience was so comfortable and enjoyable.  I was immediately put at ease.  After my treatment I was amazed at how wonderful I felt and shocked at how wonderful I felt and shocked at how much I didn't want to smoke!  Eileen is amazing and the treatment is nothing short of a miracle!

       Kurt C. May 17, 2008   It's so sweet of you to check up on me.  My experience with you was such an intense one. I loved it.  I AM still a non-smoker and that makes me feel so good.  Thanks for being You. I want to see you again soon. I think I need some detox.  I will keep in touch.

       Randall S. - April 16, 2008  I have been very pleased with the positive effects of the Anne Penman therapy to Stop Smoking. After two sessions and 10 days, I feel smoke free. The  service and treatment administered by Eileen was done with the utmost professionalism and I would recommend to anyone who wants to Quit Smoking. Note: Randall is a long-hall truck driver.

       Sharon  B. - March 23, 2008  Eileen is wonderful, making the entire therapy session a pleasant experience.

       Ali M. - February 28, 2008  I just wanna let you know that I am still smoke free after all this time and it feels great. Hopefully I won't ever use that third Laser treatment but it is nice to know that I have a backup and that it never expires!

       Dave M. - January 29, 2008  I had smoked for 35 years and when I had decided it was finally time to quit I was going to need some help.  I had contacted   Eileen of the Anne Penman Laser Therapy Center and she helped me to become smoke free.  Even when I had slipped her caring, outgoing, patient personality helped me to get back on track again.  I can't express my sincere gratitude enough. Thank you

       Carol B. - November 11, 2007  Very relaxing, down to earth people.  I think this treatment will help greatly. 

       Margaret S. - October 31, 2007  Services very friendly.  A am so pleased with the results.  Any questions I had have been fully answered.  Would 100 percent recommend to others. 

       Dortha T. - October 27, 2007  The drive is long and worth it.  Deep breathing and remember most importantly why I quit in the first place, because I want to be here for my grandchildren, all of them.  Thank you for your help. 

       Mitzi G. - Sept. 19, 2007  This had been my 4th Reiki session and I'll tell you, what an experience.  I can actually feel the calm and peace enter my soul and the dark side leave - more each time.  Thank you Eileen and Amy.  It is and will always be my pleasure to have been in your presence.

       Michelle R. - Sept. 18, 2007  Amazing!  I quit smoking without any discomfort.  I feel like I should be suffering a little.  This is a wonderful treatment.  I am so happy I used it and it's a Godsend to everyone who struggles with smoking.

       Lauren R. - July 15, 2007  I am loving it as a non-smoker.  I did not realize how much it makes a difference.  Over the weekend I was climbing stairs in the parking ramp and I did not get out of breath.  It was amazing.  I still find myself craving the habit but I forget about the craving as fast as I remembered it.  I find myself not thinking about it as often.  It is amazing that I do not like the smell of other people smoking.  It is great because it kills any desire I had to smoke. Thank you so much.  It was so easy!

       Jo Ann L. - July 11, 2007  This was my second attempt with laser. The first did not work (with another Laser Company).  This one did.  It has been 14 months & 4 days.  I'm feeling great.  No breathing problems.  Food tastes wonderful.  I don't have problems with weight.  I sleep much better and of course I smell much better too!  I'm so happy I came here and I tell everyone.  Thank you so much.

       Pat T. - July 7, 2007  It has been 16 months since I have stopped smoking, but who's counting! I had been smoking for over 40 years and I really can't believe that I have stopped smoking. Even though I work at a casino I have the will power to quit smoking thanks to your laser therapy.

       Shari A. - May 17, 2007  This has been very effective for my quitting smoking.  Not only have I stopped, it was virtually stress-free.  And, the treatment itself is completely relaxing!  A+ for sure.  Plus, the staff is very kind!

       Gary V. - May 1, 2007  Hi Eileen and Amy.  Nice to hear from you.  I was in Wyoming last weekend and had a bit of a setback.  I was there for a wedding that went terribly wrong.  The tension at the reception was thick.  There's not much to do in Wyoming but drink and smoke.  Most of the people in Casper do.  I had three puffs on a cigarette.  I immediately choked and became very dizzy.  I threw it away!  I have been smoke free since.  If anything, it made me realize that I'm truly a non-smoker!  Do I need my final session?  (Now for the brag book):

       My session was the most relaxing experience I have ever experienced.  The laser is truly an amazing tool.  The staff and treatment were first rate!  I have never felt so good.  What amazed me the most is how calm I was when I had a craving.  This made fighting off the ravings an east thing.  I never thought, in a million years, I would be a non-smoker.  I had resigned myself to the fact of dying young.  I now look forward to many more smoke free years!  I have you to thank.

       Jane K. - April 5, 2007 (weight client after 1st treatment)  Short and sweet... I feel like I'm on Valium! That's a good thing. Calm, relaxed and improved energy. My energy winds down around 5 pm. I'm sure it will get better.  I don't even want a candy bar!  Now that's a miracle. Eating less and food is not always on my mind. So much for short and sweet!  See you Monday.

       Catie M. - March 6, 2007 On February 24, 2007, I had my first laser treatment to quit smoking.  I not only quit smoking, but quit all nicotine and feel just great.  This is the first time quitting smoking that I am not anxious and irritable.  The personal touch given is just wonderful.

       Debra S. - February 24, 2007 I would like to tell everyone how great this laser is to stop smoking. I smoked 1 1/2 packs a day and now I don't smoke any. You have to try this. It's a miracle.

       Aileen J. - February 23, 2007 I've been smoke free since Sept.28 2005. I smoked for 50 years and this treatment stopped my smoking. I had tried everything, patch, lozenges, pills - nothing worked. This is the best thing that could happen.

       William H. - February 5, 2007 After numerous attempts to quit chewing, I finally found the answer.  The Anne Penman Laser Therapy treatment has been a complete success for me!  And the best part - it was so easy!  I'll never be able to thank them (Eileen, Amy & Anne) enough for what they have done for me.  Now, something that I never thought I could rid myself of, is an afterthought.  It's as if I never used tobacco in the first place!  Thanks guys!

       Richard F. - January 21, 2007 Just wanted to thank you for the great experience and follow-up.  The 3-day follow-up was really important and a great idea to let people know how their lungs have rebounded in just 3 short days - keep up the great work guys - I have never felt better.

       Jane J. - January 17, 2007 I have to admit I was dubious about the results before I came to your center.  I have not chewed Nicorette Gum for over a week, since my visit to your center.  I had been chewing the gum off and on since 1990, when I quit smoking.  Thank you for helping me get this monkey off my back.  I have already recommended others to you.

       Laurie D. - January 16, 2007 I would love to try the Ionic Foot Spa. I have lost 25 pounds on the "weight loss" treatment.  I am thrilled and "kudos" to you and your laser treatment therapy. I will be in touch soon. I'm working on my next 20 pounds. Hugs and kisses, Laurie.

       Rita B. - January 10, 2007 More than I expected.  Wonderful, relaxing, very professional.  Best of all, I am smoke free for three months.  I recommend your organization to my doctor and his office, to my hair dresser and to friends at work.  I want to try the weight loss program the beginning of February.  Wish you had an office closer to me, we need one.  Amy is terrific and I appreciate her following up.  Not just a "slam bam thank you ma'am".

       Michael - December 30, 2006  I'm doing good. Friends and family impressed and happy.  Finding ways to beat the habit areas and I am finding success. No cravings and no urges. I am going to let you know next week about scheduling the 3rd session on Jan. 6th. I just need to get a flight in and  a flight out. I'll be in touch to confirm that next week. Merry Christmas to the both of you. Karen and I thank you very much.

            George - December 11, 2006:  I want to say thank you for the laser treatment to stop smoking.  I had tried to stop smoking in the past and it had not worked.  With your laser treatment it has been so much easier.  I am still smoke free and feel that this time it is going to work.  Thank you again.   My wife is interested in information on your weight loss program.

       Anthonette – September 27, 2006:  It has been over a year!!  I can breathe and smell again!  I feel great over all!  It was so easy to quit this way.  I had tried several times and several ways to no avail.  It is the way I tell everyone that sounds interested in quitting to try.  It really works after a year plus of no smoking, I believe my son is a believer too.  We are here today for his first treatment.

      Deanna – September 19, 2006 I was guilted into quitting.  I really didn’t want to, but my Aunt gave me the money to do it.  I am so happy, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I don’t think like a smoker anymore.  It’s hard to explain. I mentally feel like I never was a smoker.  It strange – very good strange.  When I bartend I light people’s cigarettes and clean ashtrays and it doesn’t even cross my mind to want one.

      Toni – 2006Greatest thing I ever did.  I tell anyone who listens.

      Claude – April 13, 2006It was a good experience and so far have not wanted a cigarette.  I feel good.  I’ve been to a casino and still no smoking!!

      Janet – March 24, 2006Hi, I am Steven H’s sister.  He has been so excited about being able to quit smoking and I am relieved that he has finally quit.  Thank you sooo much for giving me more years with my brother!!

      Dyanna – March 1, 2006I still cannot believe I do not even think about smoking and I don’t even have a craving.  The car and the phone used to be my comfort zones with a cigarette, and I have had to do little behavioral changes in those places, but the slight craving passes within seconds and I’m back to a non-smokers’ mind set.  It’s amazing.  I love you both – thanks.

      Vivian – February 9, 2006I was encouraged from day one.  The treatments were well-explained and I felt like I could do what was needed to complete my success.  The women were very professional and kind. I would recommend the service to anyone.

      LaMona – February 5, 2006: I was amazed with just how easy it was to quit smoking after the laser treatment.  My husband continued to smoke for weeks after I quit and still I had little to no cravings.  I could even be in the same room with a smoker without it affecting me Amazing!!!  Ane best of all, I feel fabulous.  I even quit using my Advair & Albuterol that I needed multiple times per day just to breathe.  Today is three weeks – no smoking for me, and now my husband is going to be a non-smoker too.

      Roberta – February 4, 2006 After being a smoker for 47 years, I  never thought it possible to quit.  Smoking was my best friend.  The funny thing is that now I can be in a room full of smokers and I don’t want to smoke.  Thank you for your help and cure.

      Vicki – February 4, 2006My first visit was New Year’s Eve and my second was 48 hours later.  I was curious and a little skeptical about the effectiveness of the laser treatment to quit smoking.  I was pleasantly surprised that in the days following the treatment I did not crave cigarettes nor did I feel the grumpiness or edginess I expected to feel.  It is now February 4th.  I haven’t smoked, but the last several days I have been testy and hope another treatment will take that away.  Thanks.

      Pat – September 21, 2005I have been experiencing restless sleep caused by stress, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia for many years. I have also used sleep aids with mostly little success.  My husband complains that I kick him throughout the night!!  Well, I have had one laser treatment with Anne Penman Laser Therapy for stress relief and I am delighted to say I had the best sleep I’ve experienced in years!!  I didn’t come in expecting a miracle, but I sure feel like I got one.   Thank you Amy & Eileen and thank you Anne Penman Laser Therapy.

      Debbie – August, 2005Today is my 16th day smoke free!!!  I have had a dream twice – once where I just took a drag of someone’s cig and felt real guilty and ashamed and knew I had to start from the beginning and then last I vaguely remember that I smoked a whole cig.  Then when I woke up, I thanked GOD it was only a dream!! I am soooo happy right now about it.  All my friends and my managers are happy – one of my previous managers, I was told, jumped up and down when she heard. I have been bragging and bragging and bragging about your company and have had several people ask me what they need to do because they say they really do want to quit. I’ll keep in touch. Lots of love to you!!

      Cindi – May 17, 2005 – Weight ClientI feel great and so relaxed. I love your place so much and can’t wait to come back.  Love you and thanks so much.

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